Inspector Advice

Important Inspector Advice

This Inspection Report created by the inspector is an internal document ONLY. It is used as the basis to generate and populate an appropriate “Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance” (Form 23), “Notice of Rectification” or “Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Non-compliance” (Form 24) which is required to be issued to the owner following an inspection. The Inspection Report itself is not required to be provided to the owner.

An Inspection applies to land on which a swimming pool or spa is located if it is appurtenant to a Class 1, 2, 3 or 10 building or a Class 4 part of a building. Relocatable pools requiring no assembly such as small inflatable pools are not subject to barrier requirements.

The following safety barrier requirements are intended to restrict access to the swimming pool or spa area by young children and must comply or be made to comply by the Owner. A Certificate of Swimming Pool and Spa Compliance (Form 23) is required be issued by the Inspector to the Owner when compliant following the Owner’s pool registration with their local Council and is based on the advice provided.

Before undertaking an inspection all building and pool Inspectors must be registered with the VBA and have a total and thorough working knowledge of the prescribed Building Act, Building Regulations, BCA and Australian Standards including all A.S. Section 3 tests considered by Council in their Notice of Registration as applicable based on the date of construction of the swimming pool or spa. The BCA Volume One or Two “Deemed-to-Satisfy” and/or “Alternative Solution” requirements may also need to be considered as issued, published or remade from time to time which are not included in this inspection report assessment. Their application should be inspected where applicable by the inspector.

The relevant Standards explanations and information contained and provided herein is not exhaustive and is not intended as a replacement or substitute of any Building Regulation, BCA or Australian Standard. The inspector is required to apply the Australian Standards and where appropriate to undertake tests or, make any changes, alterations or provide additional clarification beyond the standard and basic explanations provided that are deemed to be applicable, accurate, correct, prescriptive or informative before deciding to issue the Owner with a “Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance”, “Notice of Rectification” or a “Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Non-compliance”.

The provisions outlined in the Building Regulations may prevail if inconsistent with any provisions in other reference documents or Australian Standard.

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