Attention! Pool & Spa Inspectors

The requirements for pool safety barriers are not new. They’ve been around for years. The inspection system simply reinforces them. In VIC. all owners must register their swimming pool and spa with the local Council. They in turn will provide the owner with a date of the construction of each and advise which Australian Standard must apply. The owner is then required to obtain a Certificate of Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance within a specified period and forward it on to the relevant Council.

Both NSW and QLD operate differently via central Pool Registers where prior information can be established before undertaking an inspection.

This is when you get involved.

Can you remember each and every Standard off the top of your head?

The State laws expect you to do just that. We’re here to help!

Pool Inspection App’s goal is to provide a simple and fast on the spot process of undertaking all pool and spa barrier inspections. The inspection and compliance process varies from State to State. It requires not only a working knowledge of the relevant Act’s, Regulations and BCA’s but it also expects you to know the various Australian Standards and only apply the correct barrier and safety requirements relevant to the specific pool or spa being inspected. 

Everything you need to run your inspection business

Client booking

Auto selection of the correct Standard

Personalised logo capacity

Auto set-up for inspection reporting

Simple checklist in undertaking each inspection

Basic explanations and references to all checklist items

Photo applications as required

Auto email issuing the correct inspection certificates

Re-inspection update ability

Auto issuing personalised email tax invoices

Service support

Database storage of all inspection records, certificates and invoices

Pool Inspection Apps offers our members all the tools they require to complete everything on the spot and…

Membership is FREE!

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