Operating Instructions

The intent of the app is not just to provide a simple question and answer checklist for pool barrier inspectors but is developed to provide a full business system for its members, from making a booking, undertaking inspections, issuing certificates and sending invoices.

The whole system can be operated via the web page at or via your mobile device after downloading the app from the applicable app store.

There are three types of memberships available so be careful to select the one that best suits your circumstances. An Individual Inspector, an Inspection Company or a Trainee Inspector.

An inspection company member can also add a Company Inspector who is an employee or contractor or they can nominate an unregistered Assessor. These are done through the company portal with their own individual Username and Password. Any inspections or assessments are done on behalf of the company.

All inspector’s must be qualified and VBA registered with the exception of a trainee inspector who may be undertaking a course for qualification. A trainee membership is restricted. They can undertake trial inspections but cannot issue or send a certificate. They can however undertake a Pre-Inspection report which is an informal inspection and report undertaken as an unregistered Assessor only.        

In becoming a member it is important that the correct application information is provided as this information is kept in each individuals records and is used later to auto populate their selected client certificates and invoices. Mandatory information is marked with a small red asterisk in the membership form. Your selected email address and password are very important as they become and remain your unique member Username and Password. Before saving the information, please check it for accuracy, particularly your email and VBA registration number.     

Any of this information can be edited or updated at any later date via Edit Profile. Logos and your signature can also be provided later. You may find that your signature is easier to instal via your mobile device with the use of your stylus.

When you have been approved as a member you can enter the app via the member login by installing your specific Username and Password. It is important that you keep this login information private. This will only open your portal. You are now ready to start.

Making a booking is the first thing that you must do to activate the inspection process after becoming a member. This booking information is also very important to be accurate as it is used to auto populate your inspections, certificates and invoices. Red asterisks are provided beside the mandatory fields. Selecting the correct Date of Construction and Applicable Standard is paramount for the correct inspection to be populated and sent to your mobile device. These are found in the owner’s letter of registration.

In completing the booking you must always nominate the correct client name and email address. This email address will be the one that invoices and certificates are sent. You also have the capacity to upload the client council registration letter for future reference and then select whether it is a pool or spa to be inspected and the date and time to undertake the inspection.

Don’t forget to provide your inspection cost (ex GST) and state if it has been paid or remains unpaid before proceeding to complete the booking. You have the ability to send an invoice to your client’s email at this or any stage you choose for pre-payment which you can mark off at any time when paid. If auto invoicing is not required it may be turned off by editing your member profile.

Upon completion of the booking, the correct inspection report will be auto generated, saved and sent to your mobile device ready to undertake the inspection. Don’t forget, you can go back at any time to change any booking information including the selected Applicable Standard by editing the booking.

Your completed booking is auto populated to your Manage Bookings or Dashboard ready to undertake the inspection. Your Dashboard will appear upon opening the app.

This Dashboard appears with a search inspections area at the top and with upcoming inspections listed below. The inspections that appear on this page are populated in order of date and time and are the inspections that are to be completed today. All other inspections booked for a later date appear in the blue Dashboard menu panel at the side under the label Manage Bookings.

A reminder will also be auto generated and sent to the owner the day before the inspection is to take place. You can stop any reminders being sent if you choose by editing your member profile. The reminder will be sent via both email and SMS. It includes the date and time of the inspection, the need to see the Council registration letter and, advice for the inspection payment to be made before the Certificate of inspection is sent. These can be provided or made on the day of inspection if not already done. Remember, any changes that you may need to make to the booking information should be made via Edit Booking before starting the inspection.

The actual inspection can be raised and undertaken from either area however the Manage Bookings area lists only the inspections that were to be done at a later date. If decided to be undertaken today instead of the later date, don’t forget to change the date and time of the booking via Edit Booking. This Manage Bookings list will rotate to the up-coming inspections list on your main Dashboard when ready to be completed today.

You will note that each inspection job is provided with a Job ID. This is a number that is specific to that job only. (eg; PIA1234-1) This job number remains with this inspection at all times, however, it does change from -1 to – 2 depending on whether it is a first inspection or a re-inspection. A re-inspection will always appear in the Manage Bookings list according to it’s new date and time until it progresses to the Dashboard for today’s Upcoming Inspections.

Step 1

The Dashboard list is provided with various details; Job ID, Client Name, Inspection Details, Date/Time, Inspector Name, Job Type, Invoice Status, Site Photo’s and Action. All are self-explanatory however Site Photos allows you to collect and keep additional photos outside the actual inspection itself. Your mobile device will allow you to take a number of these photos of the general site conditions, if you wish, that will be kept for your future records and reference only. All will be kept in your personal cloud storage system together with your inspection reports and certificates etc. Separate and specific photos are taken where an item may be non-compliant and will appear in your report and certificates where applicable.  

The Action tab is important and is made up of 3 possible selections: Continue Inspection, Edit Booking or Cancel Booking. These actions are self-explanatory. You can either continue with the actual inspection as booked. edit the booking information or permanently cancel and remove the booking.    

Step 2

By selecting Continue Inspection you are ready to start your inspection. Always make sure that the correct Applicable Standard has been selected before proceeding. This appears at the top of the inspection page. Remember, this or any other booking information can be changed by going back and editing the booking.

A series of questions to be answered are presented under various headings which are exposed when the heading is selected. It is important to read any Note that may appear under the heading before proceeding.

All questions must be provided with an answer. These questions are only specific to the Applicable Standard selected as requirements may vary from one Standard to another.

Put simply, each question is to be answered as either Compliant, Non-compliant or in some cases it may be Not Applicable. It’s either correct or not correct. You must select one.

Before answering each question, most have been provided with a simple Show More simple explanation and a further Show Image reference to the actual figs.. A reference to the actual clauses in the Applicable Standard are also provided following the explanation for your reference if required.

You can save any incomplete inspection at any time for whatever reason by simply   scrolling down to the save inspection option. By doing this you can return at any time without losing your answers to continue and complete. You must now mark each question as either Compliant or Non-Compliant and proceed to the next.

After a while you will become very familiar with the correct Standard requirements and quickly recognise any Non-Compliant items that may exist. It’s often quicker to complete the Non-Compliant question items first following a quick walk around and then marking all other questions as Compliant. You can make any changes to these questions or explanations at any stage before committing to proceed to issuing a certificate.

If you decide that a question area is Non-Compliant you must mark it accordingly. In doing so, a new drop down will appear for you to enter your comments as a full explanation of the Non-Compliance. Why it is defective and what could be done to correct it. Photo’s of this Non-Compliant area can also be taken.

These comments and photo’s are very important as they are what appear in any Non-Compliance Certificate, Notice of Rectification or Pre-Inspection report. These comments must be easily understood by your client to enable them to go about their correction or replacement.

Step 3

When all questions are correctly marked and completed, a certificate can then be issued. These are all auto populated with the relevant client and inspector details including the pre-set inspector signature. No certificate can be raised and sent to the client’s email if any of the questions remain unanswered. They must all be marked as Compliant or Non-Compliant.

Where an inspection is undertaken with all questions marked as Compliant, only the option to issue a Certificate of Compliance is made available. You will be prompted to complete some additional certificate information before this can take place. Prior to sending this certificate you can send a final invoice to the client if it remains unpaid. Alternatively, you can send both the certificate and invoice simultaneously. The receipt of all fees remains the responsibility of the member.

Where an inspection is undertaken with any question marked as Non-Compliant, the option to issue a Certificate of Non-Compliance or a Notice of Rectification to your client is now available. It is your choice to select which is most applicable.  

The selected certificate will be correctly populated with all your comments and photo’s ready to be sent to your client. If a Notice of Rectification is selected, you will be required to provide a re-inspection date and time before it can be sent.  Again, before you send this certificate, you can send a final invoice if it remains unpaid. Alternatively, you can send both the certificate and invoice simultaneously.

Where a Re-Inspection is required following sending a Notice of Rectification, a new booking will be auto recorded in the Manage Bookings area with the new date and time. It will progress in the usual manner until finally appearing in the Dashboard under Upcoming inspections. The first inspection will be migrated to Reports. It is important to edit the Re-Inspection booking with the correct cost where applicable.

This additional inspection category has been made available to all inspectors and trainees. This is a once only inspection that also attracts the standard first inspection charge by PIA after completing your Manage PIA payment information.

This inspection can be undertaken by any qualified inspector member or an un-registered trainee member without having to separately register as an assessor. An inspection company may also nominate an assessor as an additional employee under their company membership. An Assessor is not required to be VBA registered but should have a very good working knowledge of the Applicable Standards before attempting to be undertaken.

This Pre-Inspection report is auto populated in the same way as any normal inspection by first nominating it as a Pre-Inspection in the Booking Information and selecting the correct Assessor name if undertaken by an Inspection Company member.

The Pre-Inspection report is generated similarly to a Notice of Rectification  undertaken by a qualified inspector, however, it is clearly noted as being a preliminary assessment only prior to a further formal inspection being separately booked and undertaken by a qualified and registered inspector. The Assessor’s information is provided in the report with auto signature but shows no registration or registration number.

When any inspection is completed and sent, both the selected certificate together with the invoice, marked as being paid or unpaid, is sent to both the client’s email and to the inspector’s email. It is also sent to the PIA cloud storage facility for any future reference or retrieval under Records.

When completed and issued, the specific job is removed from the Dashboard or Manage Booking area. Where a Re-Inspection is required and forward dated it will appear as (eg; PIA1234-2 or PIA1234-3) under the Manage Booking tab until it is ready to be migrated to the Dashboard for today’s inspections.

This storage can be accessed via the Records tab in the Dashboard. Any PIA member charges are only generated from issued certificates each month.

This is available to all members. It allows a member to manage, monitor or undertake various activities within their membership. Company members may also add, remove or monitor each inspector they have nominated. Should you have any questions about this or any of these functions, please do not hesitate in contacting Pool Inspection Apps.

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If you need immediate support please email or call 1300 640 100.

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